Let’s recap this week on how you can get the ball rolling to sleep better at night, consistently.

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Complete your sleep diary/sleep restriction calculator

Your sleep diary will be your guide for next week. It is imperative that you complete this so you can jumpstart your recovery next week. Find the sleep diary (sleep restriction calculator) here if you missed it.

Take the “Do I have insomnia” quiz

Start with a base reading of where you’re at with insomnia. I hope that in six weeks, you’ll say ‘no’ to more questions when you take the quiz again down the road. Find the ‘do I have insomnia quiz’ here.

Sleep better at night TONIGHT: Get out of bed when you can’t sleep

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Calm your nervous system down

It should be noted that some of these may resonate with you while others won’t. Also, note that these can take time and practice to get the full effect of relaxation. Keep trying, and keep experimenting to see which one works for you. 

Practice during the day when your stress is low. It’s a lot easier to practice when your mind isn’t hellbent on working against you in a certain moment. The more you practice during the day, the easier it’ll be to use these tools when you really need them.

Seeking Medical Help: An Anecdote

Notice how many instances I mentioned talking to your doctor throughout week 1?

I understand not wanting to go to a doctor – I was reluctant for a long time to go because I felt embarrassed and ashamed. I think I subconsciously knew the real reason I wasn’t able to sleep was deeper than what a pill could fix. 

But, I was desperate to get some sleep – it was ruining my life. I couldn’t handle my work, my relationship was suffering, and underpinning it all was the fact my mental health was suffering because I couldn’t sleep. 

As bad as it sounds, I wanted there to be something physically wrong with me so it could be fixed. I was secretly hoping it’d be something “easy” like a thyroid problem. When I say easy, I mean that I hoped for a physical disorder that could be addressed and cured, and then my sleep problems would magically disappear. I wanted a solid reason for not sleeping, and not something abstract like the thoughts in my mind. 

After getting blood and urine tests, it was determined that I was physically healthy and it was indeed my mind. At least then though, I knew what I was dealing with and could take action from there.

Talk to your doctor to maximize your sleep better at night plan

I greatly encourage you to talk to your doctor about your issues with sleep. They may take a full stock of your physical health to ensure there are no underlying issues causing you insomnia. They may refer you to a sleep study or a psychologist. Or maybe they’ll throw sleeping pills at you to wrestle your consciousness to sleep. If they do, and you’re ok with it, take them. It’s a much needed safety net while you work on the emotional and mental part of sleep.

Whatever the case, it’s important to get a medical professional to help you.  

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