One of the keys to get over insomnia is challenging your thinking.

scrabble letters that say 'get good sleep' on an article talking about how to get over insomnia.

Insomnia is something that came into your life because the overwhelming nature of life had to overflow somewhere when you didn’t deal with things as they came up. For some people, it is a neurotic compulsion to organize. For others, it’s endlessly searching for the perfect job, place to live, or partner. Some turn to substances. For you, it’s insomnia. 

This week, I covered how to start challenging your thoughts around insomnia and stop buying into them so much. Sometimes you’ll challenge yourself and know logically your counterpoint is right, but part of you still doesn’t believe it. When this happens, keep going. Because the more you practice modifying your thinking, the easier it’ll become to neutralise the negative that comes in.

So let’s recap:

Keep up week 1’s exercises

Get out of bed when you can’t sleep, calm your nervous system down (see week 1 again if you need a refresher), and see your doctor if you haven’t already.

Keep going with week 2 to get over insomnia

Continue with sleep restriction and avoiding naps. This will carry through all six weeks of this program and beyond. Also, how are the lifestyle improvements going? If the two things you picked are still a bit shaky in terms of turning them into habits, keep at it. If it was easy for you, add another lifestyle factor this week that will help you improve sleep.

Do all quests and mini quests this week

I want you to do quest #1 at least once this week, and quests #2 and #3 every day this week. Quest #2 will help you diffuse some of the negative emotions around sleep, and quest #3 helps to develop some self-compassion.

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