Introduction to the Cure Chronic Insomnia Program

Hello my sleep deprived friend, I warmly welcome you to the beginning of your journey to finally get a regular sleep schedule and the sleep you deserve. You are in good company. As mentioned on the homepage, I’m Sacha and I had chronic insomnia.

I tried everything under the insomniac remedy rainbow, from ayurveda to zinc. I tried therapy, I had doctors throw pills at me, and after years of trial, error, and frustration with jackasses telling me to “just take melatonin!”, I found what actually works. I’m convinced it’ll work for you too. You have the utmost empathy and understanding from me, and I will be trying my very best to get you on the right track to a healthy sleeping pattern.

Here is how it’s going to go down:

  • 🎯 At the beginning of each week, there will be a goal of what you will learn and internalise
  • 🏁 There will also be an overarching mission for the week, which you should complete before proceeding to the next week
  • 📍Within each week, you will complete several quests to help you achieve the main goal

**In order to effectively measure your progress throughout the program, and ultimately, understand yourself better, it is important that you complete the weekly goals, missions, and individual quests.**

A Change in Perspective to Get a Regular Sleep Schedule

To get through these five weeks successfully, I ask for you to be gentle with yourself. Just like any bad habit, it takes time and persistence to overcome it. 

someone with orange shoes walking up blue steps. Denotes the steps needed to get a regular sleep schedule.
If you fell down one step, would you throw yourself down the entire flight of stairs as punishment for slipping down that one step?

I don’t recall where I saw this quote, but it always stuck with me. It’s especially apt when discussing chronic insomnia because when embarking on the journey to overcome it, you are likely to have at least a few days of decent sleep but still may have a bout of insomnia for days or weeks again. It can be devastating and frustrating to make progress only to feel like insomnia is just some dark sickness waiting in the shadows to pop back up at any time.

I’m telling you right now – don’t let this be your attitude.

Don’t fall one step and think it’s all over for you and insomnia is back forevermore. Like any good habit or behaviour you’re trying to form in your life, it takes patience and understanding of yourself. 

You’re human. We’re all weird, fallible creatures with plenty of quirks. We slip up, and we don’t always live by our values, whether that’s getting a healthy sleep schedule, eating well, exercising, overcoming addiction, being a good parent, spouse, student, worker, or whatever else. It takes an active effort to show up for yourself every. single. day.

Of course, sometimes we miss the mark, and we don’t adhere to our values. But that’s ok. And this is especially important to realize when overcoming chronic insomnia. When we’re trying to undo months, years, or even decades of thoughts, behaviours, emotions, and habits, it might seem like two steps forward, one step back. It’s a process, but it works. You’ll be making huge strides towards feeling rested and refreshed, and one day (I expect in 6 weeks or less) you’ll realise how far you’ve come, even if it’s not perfect, linear progress.

I encourage you to give yourself compassion and grace starting now. If you slip up, just get back on that proverbial horse. I promise you that the more you practice giving yourself some slack for slipping, the more it becomes easier to not only get back on the horse, but not fall off the horse in the first place. 

With that being said, let’s get you started on week 1 to get a regular sleep schedule.

🎯 Goal

In week 1, the goal is to establish the foundational knowledge to get a regular sleep schedule and get immediate help for insomnia.

The first point of understanding insomnia is important. Why? Because you have to define the beast before you slay it. Know its attributes, characteristics, and quirks. When you understand what you are working with, and what sleep actually IS, it contextualises it. It becomes a definable problem that you can solve, rather than this ineffable, static-y thing affecting your life.

The second part of this week is teaching you some immediate actions you can take to get help for insomnia. These actions will be implemented from this point on – not just this week. For as long as you want to have good sleep, you will do these things.

I would also like to reiterate that if you want help for insomnia, you need to be committed to getting better. You may not believe you can have a regular sleep schedule, but you absolutely can. There is a light at the end of this insomnia tunnel. 

🏁 Mission

First things first, I want you to create a sleep diary for the next seven nights:

  • The time you go to bed (e.g., When or if you decide to go to bed but not immediately sleep – for example, read, watch TV, or go on your phone. Time for sexual activity is not included.)
  • The time you decided to try and fall asleep
  • The time you fell asleep (to the best of your knowledge)
  • The time(s) you woke up during the night, and for how long
  • The time you woke up for the day
  • The time you actually got out of bed after waking for the day


**THIS IS A VITAL STEP TO COMPLETE BEFORE PROCEEDING TO WEEK 2.** More details of what you’ll do with this information will follow. 

Now let’s dive into what insomnia really IS, and WHY it develops.