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The funnest quiz of all!

The first quest this week is to determine where you stand with your sleep habits, and to determine if you actually have insomnia or not. The Do I Have Insomnia Quiz will parse out if you have chronic insomnia, acute insomnia, or if you just have some bad sleep habits.

Whatever the answer is on the quiz, I imagine if you are here that wherever you land on the “I suck at sleep” spectrum is causing you distress. Don’t let the answer define you – terrible sleep isn’t a personality trait, nor is it life sentence. It’s just something to reaffirm what you probably already know.

📍 Quest #1

Your quest this week is to define if you have chronic insomnia. There are 13 questions.

Do I Have Insomnia Quiz

1. I’ve had difficulty sleeping for 3 or more nights per week, for 6 weeks or more