I often encounter people who say they sleep a full night and don’t have insomnia.

But still, they want to learn to live off of 5-6 hours per night and still feel rested. This just isn’t physically possible unless you are one of the few with a specific mutation of the DEC2 gene6 or ADRB1 gene7. For now, your goal is to sleep your average. But know that it’s just temporary since you won’t feel rested on 5-6 hours of sleep. The goal is to get you to 7-8 (maybe even 9) hours. 

In short, you can’t change the constant movement of time or how the world operates. The world spins and the sun rises and falls just as it always has for billions of years. As I’ve tried to point out so far in this course, we are all biological beings whether you like it or not. We have many millennia of evolution as humans that resulted in natural circadian rhythms. And for as long as we are humans living on planet earth, we might as well roll with it and sleep at night – in one block. 

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