Cure Chronic Insomnia

By Sacha D. Schesnuk

A five week road map to finding your mind’s off switch and putting your sleep issues to rest

In Cure Chronic Insomnia, you will discover how to tap into your innate ability to sleep. Through this 5 week program, you will forge new pathways in your physical, emotional, and mental health that will make it possible to have a regular sleep schedule.

There is a wonderfully bright light at the end of the insomnia tunnel. Whether insomnia started because of the stresses of life or poor habits and anything in between, you still have the ability to sleep. It’s time to put chronic insomnia to rest, once and for all.


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Available on March 31, 2024 through these retailers

Have you been suffering from chronic insomnia for months, years, or even decades?

Have you tried everything, and nothing has worked for you?

Are you tired of being tired?

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About the author

Sacha is a former chronic insomniac turned good sleeper.

After very little success with psychologists, medication, and traditional sleep suggestions (like cutting back on caffeine), she discovered the keys to overcoming insomnia. Combining her lived experience of sleep deprivation with trial and error, along with extensive research, she wrote this book in a systematic, step-by-step way to help others overcome insomnia too.

Sacha lives in Calgary, Alberta with her two sons and husband. In her spare time, she reads, runs, and cycles. When the weather isn’t absurdly cold, she spends time outdoors with her family.

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